The "On Call" user role can be assigned to a user to be able to view a read-only version of the rota on the web environment. This is so it is possible to access the roster view when more senior members of staff are not available, but without the risk of the rota being changed accidentally.

It is advisable to have a separate on call user account as other roles can grant extra, unwanted permissions.

On call users can view but not edit, the following sections:

  • The dashboard to see the days bookings, and whether or not they have been checked in to.

  • The rostering menu, to be able to see a clearer view of the days bookings and shifts and their completion status.

  • The on call dashboard under Rostering > On Call, which has a list of the bookings and a list of the carers and clients scheduled for that day. These sections can all be printed

  • The Reconciliation menu, where they can view which tasks are scheduled and which have been prompted.

  • Help - the link to our help desk and ticketing page .

Here is a sample of the on call dashboard:


You are able to change the date you are viewing in the top right hand corner and each section can be printed or viewed as a report by using the printer icon in the top right corner of the relevant section. The main sections are:

  • The bookings at the top, which can be viewed or printed in the form of a bookings report.

  • The carers on the left, which can be viewed or printed as a carer report.

  • The clients on the right, which can be viewed or printed as a client report.

This version does not show whether a booking has been checked in to, but you can still view the main dashboard to see this information. You can click on the bookings in this page and view more details about them, should you need to.

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