The carer companion app is the interface with which carers will access the software. The app allows carers to check in and out of visits, complete tasks relating to the visit, leave notes for the office/other carers and contains their rota.

Logging in

You will need to enter your company's server URL as well as the email address and password associated with your user account to log into the app. Your office team will be able to provide all of these to you.


Home page

This is the first screen you will see once you are logged in.

Upcoming visit

If there is a booking scheduled for within 2 hours* time a card is shown displaying information about the booking and an option to view the tasks and check in. *(Can be changed in Settings > App config).



All of your scheduled bookings are displayed within the rota screen.

You may tap a booking to view more about it. Once a booking has been visited, a green check mark will appear next to it.


Refreshing your rota

Your rota will automatically update with any changes made in the office, however if you wish to manually refresh it scroll to the top of your rota, and then drag down until the refresh indicator starts spinning.


A message will be displayed once the refresh is complete.

Viewing a Booking


The booking status will have three states Pending, Checked In and Visited.

All bookings are pending until the carer checks-in using the camera app, pointing the lens at a unique QR code at the clients address. There will be a screen to confirm that you wish to check in and also shows the location accuracy of the check in. The status will then change to checked in. When the carer is ready to leave they will then use the camera app again to point to the same unique QR code to check-out and as appropriate. The status will then change to visited which will be recorded on the app.


Contact the client

With one click on the clients name you can call them direct from the app, making it easier to communicate with the client and possibly share your ETA before arriving.


The address is also clickable so with one tap this will open the Google Maps app on your device and automatically provide a detailed route using your current location to the clients destination making it easier to navigate.

You can add access info, if relevant, in the client's record, this will show up just below the address.

iOS users must install the Google maps app to provide the most accurate location data for the visit.

Care package summary and rota comments

If you have input information into the care package summary or rota comments in the client's record, these will appear on the first page, the overview. Scroll down to see them.



If there are any tasks to complete during your visit these will show up in the tasks tab. Both general and medication tasks (for eMAR) will show up in this section.


To complete or action a task, tap on the one you want to action. Select a completion status from the list and enter any comments if necessary.


Any actioned tasks will have a mark next to them, either a tick for complete or an exclamation mark for ones with a different completion status.



You can leave notes relating to the booking within the app. You will also be able to view notes left by other carers in the app from previous visits. Notes made in the client's journal will not be visible in the app.


You can create a note from any page by pressing the icon above.



If there have been documents uploaded to the app (must be PDF) you can view them here.



To add an observation, click into the observations tab and select the category you need.


Check out

To check out, click the purple button with the arrow in. This will bring up the camera to allow you to scan the QR code again to check out. This will bring up a summary of the visit with any tasks and their completion status. At the bottom of this page, there is a section to leave handover notes, for the next carer and check out comments for the office.


Once you are happy, click 'Check out' to confirm. The rota and booking should update automatically to show that the booking has been visited.





The user account currently logged into the app and email address associated with it.

Force sync

Tapping this button will refresh the data required by the app. The date and time of the last synchronisation is also displayed.

Compress and upload photos

If any photos taken during visits haven't been uploaded, this option will force them through.


This will log you out of the app. You should not do this unless asked to by your administrator.


You should receive a 10 minute notification before the start time of each visit, this option will disable that. All other notifications will not be affected by this.


This is the version of the app that you have installed.

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