Home – This shows details of the next booking, client, booking type and time. Taken from the actual booking entry that has either originated from the scheduled entry, or an ad-hoc entry.


Rota – The Rota on the app relates directly to the booking on the main Roster screen, updating immediately after any changes. The rota can also be viewed on the Carers profile under the ‘Agenda’ tab and printed out.


Overview - When opening the booking on the app to check-in, the initial information that is displayed is mainly from the ‘Profile’ tab of the clients’ details, including the phone number, address (Linked to maps) and the access info. These will be shown on every booking for that client.


Overview - Scroll down further on the ‘Overview’ and see the ‘Visit Notes’ (from the individual booking),’ Care Package Summary’ and ‘Rota Comments’. The latter two being from the ‘Overview’ tab on the main administration system and will be shown on every booking for that client.


Overview – The ‘Visit Notes’, are from the individual booking, they can either be entered on the scheduled booking, where they will repeat each time a live booking is created from it. Or added to an individual booking. This means that they are not ‘static’ notes, like the ‘Care Package Summary’ and ‘Rota Comments’, they may differ on each booking, or not be used at all.


Tasks - On the main administration system, ‘Tasks’ feed through to the ‘Tasks’ tab on the app. The app will show tasks related to that booking, whether they are medication or general. On this example there are two to take place during the booking which is 12:30 to 14:00, water plants and one medical.


Tasks - Reflected on the ‘Tasks’ tab on the app. Scroll down to see all.


Notes - ‘Handover Notes’ and ‘Booking Notes’ are created from within the app only by the carer. They are visible on the main administration system on the ‘Journal’ tab and filtering it to ‘Booking Notes’.


Documents – On the main administration system go to the ‘Documents’ tab. This is where pdf’s can be uploaded and made available to be seen on the app.

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