You are able to schedule and keep track of any reviews conducted for a carer or a client in the CareLineLive web environment. Before you begin to start scheduling reviews, head to Settings > Reviews to manage both carer and client review types.

Here, you can add, amend or remove review categories to suit the needs of your agency. To add a category; click on the :add: icon in the top right hand corner and enter the review name. Make sure you are in the right section for carers or clients before doing this.

Carer reviews

Head to a carer's record and into their reviews tab, to see a carer's reviews page. From here, you can schedule reviews, add in previous completed reviews and update the review statuses. Click on the :add: icon to add in a review.

On this form, you can add:

  • Due date - This can be set in the past for a previous review that is being added to the system, on the same day, or in the future to schedule a review.

  • Review type - This is chosen from the types entered in the carer review types page mentioned above.

  • Notes - Any notes that you may wish to enter for clarification or otherwise.

Once the review has taken place, there are 3 outcomes on the form to indicate completion status, these are:

  • Pass

  • Fail

  • Retraining needed.

You can also enter:

  • Time and date of when the review was conducted.

  • Who it was conducted by.

  • Any comments necessary.

Upon completion, you can choose to either Save, or Save & Schedule Next Review. This automatically brings up the review schedule menu and saves having to save one and open the next.

Client reviews

The same process is used to create the reviews and add outcomes. The client reviews differ from the carer ones in both that there are different reviews available and there are different outcomes. Client reviews are often based on their satisfaction with the service or any changes that may need to be made to the care plan.

Where are you alerted?

On your Dashboard you will notice different tabs, Today, This week etc. Within those tabs is an expiration section where you will be alerted of any reviews that are expiring, click on the entry and it will take you to the Carer/Client Review report within the Reports section.

Who can see this information?

Similarly to Journals, this information is available to anyone whose user role has been set to allow them to do so.

To find out which user roles have been granted access, go to Accounts > User roles and select the user roles you wish to view.

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