The new task reconciliation feature allows you to add and modify task completions in case an error was made, or a carer forgot to complete them in the app.


By default, the settings are set to today's date and showing any not promoted tasks for all clients starting with the earliest. The red exclamation mark shows where a task has been missed and any tasks still within or before their time frame will not have this.

You can use the filters on the right hand side to select any combination of a specific client, task types, carers or completion statuses as well as showing prompted, cancelled or all tasks.

Reconciling Tasks

You will see a new item in the main navigation: Reconciliation

In the future we will be moving other tasks into the reconciliation section, such as completing and confirming bookings, moderating notes, and reviewing incidents; however currently only Tasks live here.

Any tasks scheduled for the current day will be displayed, along with their status. By default only unfinished tasks will be shown. Use the options in the top right hand corner to adjust the date range and filter based on whether they have been prompted or not.

Adding a completion


In the event that you need to manually add a completion for a task, click the + button to the right of the task card, or expand the card and click Add Completion.

In order to add the completion, you need to choose which carer completed it. The system will look up any bookings that the task would have been available for and display the allocated carers.

In the event that there wasn't a visit booked when the task was scheduled to occur, you may wish to set the completion status to 'Missed', or leave the task without a completion.

Optionally give the reason you are adding the completion manually, which will be used for auditing purposes.

Editing a completion

If for any reason you wish to modify the completion, expand the task card and click Edit Completion.

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