To help document your visits and ensure that relevant information is made available you can now upload photos from within the app and can be left against task completions, or notes. It is available on app versions 5.7 (Android) and 0.4 (iOS), but it will need to be enabled in Settings > App Config.

Some key points to note:

  • The photos will not be accessible from the camera roll or photo gallery on the carer's phone.

  • There is a maximum of 3 photos that can be uploaded per visit

  • Photos are compressed before uploading so very little phone storage or mobile data is used.

Uploading a photo against a note

When you open up the box to enter a note, there will be a button below the sentiments with a camera icon. Tap this to bring up your camera app. Take the photo and click save.

Photos uploaded in a note can be found on the web environment in:

  • The client journal

  • The client journal report to download

  • Inside the app, for other carers to view

  • The notes tab within a booking

Uploading a photo against a task completion

When completing a task in the app, there will be the same camera icon below the comments or dosage given for a medication task.

Photos uploaded for tasks can be found in the web environment in in:

  • The reconciliation page

  • The tasks tab within a booking

  • Within the task completion on the app if the task spans more than one booking or is assigned to multiple carers

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