Fixed rates can be used if you want to charge or pay the same amount irrespective of the length of the visit. You can add as many fixed rates as you like, and optionally set a default.

If a default is chosen every item associated with the contract will use that fixed rate, unless you assign a specific fixed rate against that item.

If no default is chosen, hourly calculation will be used unless a fixed rate is specified. This can be used if a contract only occasionally requires a fixed rate, such as on-call shifts for carers or night visits for service users.


How to use fixed rates

You can either choose to set a contract to use fixed rates by default, or as an additional option when creating visits or shifts.

When a contract with fixed rate billing enabled is selected for a shift, a drop down will appear giving you the option to assign a fixed rate for that person. This can be for the client, or any of the allocated carers. Leave the dropdown empty to use the default fixed if defined in the contract.

You can check whether the fixed rate is working as expected by checking the Financials tab for a Booking.

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