Care Circle is the next incarnation of the Family Portal. We’ve made many changes, whilst not taking away any of the previous functionality.

Whilst more information can be surfaced through the Care Circle, you still have complete control over what information is shown to certain users.

See Adding a Care Circle member for instructions on how to invite a person and Care Circle Roles for access levels.

More than just family members

The new Care Circle portal can be used by a wider audience; instead of being targeted towards Family Members, we’ve now made it easier for you to give access to other stakeholders, such as Healthcare Professionals, Social Workers, and other external stakeholders.

More information

Much more information is being made available in the Care Circle, including contact information, next of kin, medical history, prescribed medication, and more.

We realise that you don’t necessarily want everybody to have the same visibility which is why we’ve added Care Circle Roles; these allow you to fine-tune how much information is presented to a particular person. Whether that’s removing carer names & photos, medical history, or masking the planned visit times.

Emergency (one-time) access

We’re also adding support for emergency one-time access to a service user’s Care Circle. This takes the form of a QR code that can be kept in the service user’s house, and will allow a member of the emergency services to get access to up-to-date records. This is completely optionally, and not required. Before granting someone access to the portal, we collect contact & location information (including a verified selfie & mobile number) so that you can follow up if needed.

We’ve taken a bit of inspiration from the Lion’s Club Message in a Bottle scheme whilst building this.

Read more about setting up one-time access here: Emergency (temporary) access

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