It’s possible for multiple people to access client’s care circle; for example, family members, NOK, and external stakeholders. However, you may not always want to give the same level of visibility to each of them.

Care Circle Roles allow you fine-grained control over what a given person has access to. They work in a similar way to user roles (which are used to control access to the Management Portal).

You can manage a client’s Care Circle from their record, under the Care Circle tab.

Viewing & managing roles

Care Circle roles can be managed by clicking Settings in the main navigation, and then Care Circle. You’ll see a list of all of the Care Circle roles that we’ve added by default - you can change these roles as you wish, however you won’t be able to delete them.

The following options are available:


View notes

Please note that when enabling "View Notes" this applies to visit notes, handover notes and check out comments. It is not possible to choose which note(s) will be shown.

Assigning a role

When adding/editing a care circle member, you’ll be able to select their role.


You’ll also be asked if the member should be an ‘Authoriser’. If you’re using Emergency (one-time) access, members nominated as authorisers will receive SMS & email notifications when emergency access is requested.

Read more about Emergency (one-time) access.

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