Carer Concerns (app)
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Concerns can be reported when performing :

  • Adding a note

  • Completing a task

  • Recording an observation

Information that is recorded

Carer concerns are a simple way for carers to communicate with the office that something requires attention, whether it’s related to a task, observation, or even a general note.

Concerns are visible within the Management Portal and can be the starting point for an incident report.

Concerns are always linked to a particular booking as well as the related note, task or observation, giving you visibility into the context surrounding the concern.

It’s quick and easy to log a concern, only two pieces of information are collected:


How quickly should the concern be addressed? Choose from Severe, Moderate, Low & No Harm


Why the concern is being raised/additional context.

Reporting a concern


The option to report concerns is always at the end of the screen when adding a note, completing a task, or recording an observation. Simply check the Report a concern? box to show the additional options.

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