Make sure you're familiar with the observations introduction

Recording meal observations allows a log to be kept of any meals that have been prepared/eaten by a service user. Meal observations can be as simple or as detailed as required - CareLineLive will only require that a name is given to the meal. This can be as simple or as detailed as you want (e.g., Breakfast, or Eggs Florentine w/ Orange Juice), however your company may have different guidelines.


Which information is recorded?

What did the service user eat?

You can add exactly what the service user had to eat here, for example; Breakfast - Cornflakes and milk, an apple, a cup of tea with milk and a small glass of water.

Status - was the meal successful?

Here you can record how successful the meal was, for instance "Completed" or "Refused". Read more about statuses

Time - when did it happen?

Add the time that the meal was eaten here. By default this will be set to the current time, but it can be adjusted in the event that you are completing the records after the visit has finished.

The time recorded must be within the visit time, you will not be able to add a time that is before the start of the visit or after the end of the visit.

Items - what did it consist of?

Adding items is optional, but will give the office and stakeholders more information about the meal that the service user had.

When adding meal items, you have the option to record nutritional information. This can be used when the service user’s nutritional intake needs to be observed closely. You can add the items of the meal here. For example; if the service user had a Full English Breakfast , you could add the following items; Eggs, bacon, beans, tomatoes, toast, and a cup of tea with milk.

To speed up the process, you can also scan the barcode of a product and we’ll attempt to fill in the information for it, including the nutritional information for the serving.

We used a free (crowd-sourced) database to find information for a scanned product; sometimes the product won't be in the database, and sometimes you may find that the name is in a different language!


Reporting a concern

Read more about reporting a concern

You may wish to report a concern about the meal if you've noticed something out of the ordinary; for example:

Fred is not himself and refusing to eat or drink, he is complaining of nausea and constipation. Fred's daughter has contacted the GP and she will do a home visit after 2:00pm this afternoon. Fred’s daughter will update the office after the visit.

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