Make sure you're familiar with the observations introduction

Recording fluid intake allows a log to be kept of any fluid that has been consumed by a service user.

Which information is recorded?

The following information will be asked for when recording a fluid observation.

What did the service user drink?

You can record exactly what the service user had to drink here, for example; "a large glass of water and a cup of tea".

Status - was the fluid consumed?

Here you can record how successful fluid intake was. For example "Completed" or "Refused".

Read more about statuses

Time - when did it happen?

Add the time that the fluid was consumed/observed.

By default this will be set to the current time, but it can be adjusted in the event that you are completing the records after the visit has finished.

The time recorded must be within the visit time, you will not be able to add a time that is before the start of the visit or after the end of the visit.

How much?

You can add the amount of fluid consumed here in millilitres, there is a hint here of how much an average cup is and how much is in a pint. Click on one of the hints to fill the box.

Reporting a concern

Read more about reporting a concern

You may wish to report a concern if you've noticed something out of the ordinary; for example:

Fred was not keen to drink today, I was worried that he may become dehydrated. The next carers will need to monitor.

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