Make sure you're familiar with the observations introduction

Recording a service user's urine output will help identify any issues, such as dehydration, over a period of time.

Which information is recorded?

The following information will be asked for when recording blood glucose observations.

Status - was the observation successful?

Here you can record how successful the observation was. For example "Completed" or "Refused".

Read more about statuses

Time - when did it happen?

Add the time that the observation took place.

By default this will be set to the current time, but it can be adjusted in the event that you are completing the records after the visit has finished.

The time recorded must be within the visit time, you will not be able to add a time that is before the start of the visit or after the end of the visit.


The colour of urine is a good indicator of the hydration levels of a person. Here we ask you to choose the colour that is the closest match from a scale of 1 to 8.

The following options are available:

  • Level 1 - Good - Well hydrated

  • Level 2 - Good - Well hydrated

  • Level 3 - Fair - Start drinking more fluids

  • Level 4 - Dehydrated - Continue drinking more fluids

  • Level 5 - Dehydrated - Continue drinking more fluids

  • Level 6 - Very dehydrated - raise a concern

  • Level 7 - Severely dehydrated - raise a concern

  • Level 8 - Severely dehydrated - raise a concern

Output - in millilitres

Here you can add the amount of urine contents in the catheter bag, or an approximation of what has been passed during the visit.

Must be recorded in millilitres.

Reporting a concern

Read more about reporting a concern

You may wish to report a concern if you've noticed something out of the ordinary; for example:

Fred is not feeling well and displaying signs of dehydration as his urine is very dark, he also appears to be confused, I am concerned that he has a UTI.

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