A booking is considered "Complete" when all attending carers have checked in and out. If a booking gets past the scheduled finish time without all attending carers checking in and out then it will be deemed incomplete. As a result, the booking will be ineligible for both payroll and invoicing.

You can see a list of incomplete bookings under Bookings > Incomplete.


There are three colours to indicate the completion status of a booking for the individual carer as shown above.

  • Red - the carer has neither checked in nor out

  • Blue - the carer has checked in but not out

  • Green (only for bookings with multiple carers) - the carer has both checked in and out but another attending carer has not

You can also see incomplete bookings on the roster, as a default, these will show up in purple.


Adding completions

In order for these bookings to be made eligible for financials, they will need to be completed. You can do this individually by clicking the pencil icon next to each booking. You can complete multiple bookings by ticking the circle next to the booking on the left, or selecting all (up to 50 at a time) using the :done_all: icon and using the "add manual check-ins" button. You will be presented with a menu that looks like this:


You can add the check in/out individually using the toggles, or mark all as departed to add in both for al the selected bookings. For each booking, it is possible to amend the check in or out time for each instance where it has been added manually as well as leaving comments. Click save to complete.

Bookings that have manual check ins added will not need to be confirmed.

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