You can use the carer's schedule to input their scheduled availability for the system, but you can also input ad-hoc availability for carers. This will override any scheduled availability and any restrictions set up so you can alter a day without having to change the schedule at all.

Ad-hoc availability can either be created on the roster screen or the carer's agenda. Click and drag for the area that you want to create the availability for and click on the box that appears. You can then either click on the availability tab at the top of the menu that appears, or hold "A" (Roster screen only) on your keyboard when you click.

The following menu will appear:


Here you have a number of options:

  1. Availability - Whether the carer is available or unavailable.

  • Available - The carer will be marked as available for calls regardless of scheduled unavailability and restrictions set up.

  • Unavailable - You will not be able to assign bookings to the carer regardless of scheduled availability and restrictions.

The carer - The carer field is automatically input as you create it either from the carer's row in the roster or the agenda. You can change this if you click the wrong carer by mistake!

The team - It is possible to make an availability only for a single team or for multiple.

When - Select the date, start time, duration and finish time if you need to adjust it at all.

Notes - Any information relevant to the availability record.

Once the availability record has been created, you will be able to see it in the roster and agenda. In the roster, it will stack under any scheduled availability so you can see the original and the updated. It will also show up whether it is scheduled or ad-hoc so you know which to trust.

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