You may need to add extra payments on to a payslip, or extra charges on to an invoice for circumstances that currently cannot be added through the system. To account for this, you can add in payments or items into a created but not issued payslip or Invoice. The process for each is the same.

To do this, go to Finances > Payroll > Payslips and select the payslip you need to amend. In the right hand corner above the payment breakdown, there should be a button called <Add payment>. Click on this and you will see the form below. For invoices, go to Finances > Invoicing > Invoices.

Click Custom to add a payment outside of a booking or shift. Once you have entered a description, click <Add line item> to open up the payment options. You may need to add more than one if there are multiple payments that need adding of different types or costs. Once you have completed the form, click <Add payments> and the Payslip will add it on adding it to the total at the bottom.


To make it easier to keep track of where payments are coming from, you are able to use decimal places in the quantity to enter a value that is between integers. This way, you can enter a base amount in the rate section and then the fraction/decimal amount of in the quantity.

Details of this payment will be marked in a section called <Other> this will list all extra payments and gives you the option to amend these or delete them if need be.

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