A buyer is a person or organisation that invoices will be addressed to. A list of all buyers can be found in People > Buyers. To change a buyer's invoice settings, open the Buyer tab in their profile.

Attaching a buyer to a client

A client must have a buyer before an invoice can be generated. By default each client is set up as self-funding but can be removed. If someone else is to be funding their services, you can either attach a family member or a global buyer.

Attaching a family member or important contact

  1. Open the client’s profile and open the People tab.

  2. Add the family member in the important contacts section by clicking the + icon.

  3. Add them as a buyer clicking the + icon.

  4. Select ‘From Relation’, and then select the family member.

  5. Click Add Buyer.


Attaching a Global Buyer

Global buyers are entities that will be funding the care of many clients, such as a local authority. This allows you to skip the process of entering the details each time a client is set up.

To add a global buyer:

  1. Navigate to People > Buyers

  2. Click + Add Global Buyer in the top right hand corner.

  3. Select whether the buyer is a person, or an organisation.

  4. If you use multiple teams, select which teams this buyer should be available to.

  5. Fill out the billing details for the Global Buyer

  6. Click Create


To attach the global buyer to a client:

  1. Open the client’s profile and open the People tab.

  2. Click the + icon in the buyers section.

  3. Select ‘Attach Global’ and select from the list.

  4. Click Add Buyer.

Clients with multiple service contracts

If you have a client that is being funded by multiple buyers, you are able to link the buyer and the respective service contract.

For example, a client may receive private in addition to local authority funded care. Open the Service Contracts section of the Client’s profile, then open the service contract. Select the respective buyer from the Buyers dropdown and save your changes.

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