Scheduling enables regular bookings to be planned, in advance and repeated as required, ongoing. The type of booking, carer, service contract can all be added if known at this point, to reduce administration. Creating bookings on the schedule does not make them ‘live’, at this point they will not appear on the carer roster or carer companion app.

The scheduled bookings, have to be created into ‘live’ bookings. This can be done by each booking, by client or in bulk for a date period.

In addition to these scheduled bookings, further ‘adhoc’ bookings can be added as necessary onto the carer or client roster or agenda.

If a booking, that has been created from a scheduled entry is changed in any way on the roster, there is the opportunity to update the ongoing linked scheduled entries.

Creating a schedule

Example – repeat bookings need to be set up for Martha Stewart, regular visits are to be made to conduct personal care, meal preparation and some domestic help. The domestic help is to be paid for privately whereas the others are funded.


Personal care has been added to the schedule to repeat every week day, at the same time, 10:00 for 45 minutes. The schedule may be made up of a number of different weekly variations, perhaps less bookings are needed every other week because family help, these can ‘Cycle’ ongoing, as many weekly variations needed, use the settings button and set the date that the first week will begin.

For more details on weekly scheduling, see the article: Creating a fortnightly schedule.

‘Meal prep’ has been added Monday through to Friday, 13:00, for 30 minutes.


On the scheduling screen the hours scheduled for that week can be seen as a total, billable hours may be a different figure because a booking may be for an assessment/meeting that is not chargeable.


If we move to the clients ‘Agenda’ tab, we can see all the schedule entries for the week (i.e what we have planned to do), but they have not yet been created into ‘live’ bookings (They are coloured grey not turquoise). Looking at the top right there are no hours booked or billable.


In order to create live bookings from the scheduled entries on the Agenda click on


this will list the bookings to create, at this point they can be edited, or click on <Create Bookings> at the bottom.


After the process has taken place you will see


in the bottom right hand corner, if they have failed investigate why, change as necessary and re-try.

Going back to the Clients Agenda, the bookings for that week have changed to turquoise and are now live, also showing on the main roster and the carer apps. The’ billable and hours booked’ has now been populated.


Editing - If Fridays booking needs to be changed to 09:00, drag it to the correct time. Then <Preview & Save>


If this is a permanent change then the ‘Update Schedule Entry’ box can be ticked and this will change the linked scheduled entries ongoing, if it is left it will just be this entry that has been moved.


Now all the linked scheduled entries have been moved, they will repeat at 09:00, ongoing.


Any bookings already created for the client before the schedule is changed will not update. If you wish these to be changed to the new time, you will need to do this manually in the agenda.

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