If a booking has been visited or confirmed, you will be unable to make any changes to it without first un-confirming or unlocking the booking. To achieve either action you will need to double click on a booking it from the roster or agenda screen and select view. In the top right, you can click on the :more_vert: icon before selecting :cancel: un-confirm, or :lock: unlock. If you are unlocking, you will be required to enter your password, you will just need to affirm your choice to un-confirm a booking via a pop up.

Certain actions don't require the booking to be unlocked, such as amending contracts assigned or amending billing options.

Both these actions will be visible in the audit trail for the booking.


Un-confirming a booking allows you to:

  • Amend the confirmed time of the booking

  • Delete the carer's check ins

You can also un-confirm a booking which has been confirmed accidentally if you need to investigate or action it before it is charged or paid.

You will need to manually confirm the booking again after it has been unconfirmed.


Unlocking a booking allows you to edit the details of the booking, including:

  • Start time

  • Duration

  • Booking type

  • Round

  • Carer(s) assigned

  • Address

When a booking is unlocked, it will only be for 30 minutes. After this time it will lock again, you can lock it before this time if you want to prevent other changes being made to the booking.

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