Recurrence rule?

The addition of recurrence rules for tasks means that using a task schedule cycle may not be necessary. Please see Tasks for more information.

Setting the task schedule cycle

If a client has a task that should happen on a cycle rather than set days; For example, a medication task that is set to occur every 3 days - 1 day on 2 days off, you can create a task schedule cycle. This works well if there is a multi-week schedule cycle in place, but does not rely on it. The task schedule cycle is only applicable to tasks using the schedule recurrence type.

In the above example, the cycle will need to be for 3 weeks to maintain the pattern but this will vary depending on how many days the cycle needs to be. To create a task schedule cycle, go to a client's tasks tab and click on the :settings: icon on the right hand side. This will bring up this form:

  1. The start date is date that week 1 will commence. If combining with a multi-week schedule cycle it is best to align these dates.

  2. How many weeks the schedule cycle will be. Continuing with the above example, there have been 2 weeks selected.

Adding a task

Click the :add: button to create a task. When you get to the how often selection, you will see this if schedule is selected


Select which days you want this to occur and save. When the task has been created, you will see a 2 week cycle, showing the days the task is set to occur.

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