Each person that requires access to your CareLineLive environment will need their own user account; whether they're working from the office, a care worker using the app, or a family member accessing the family portal.

Roles & Permissions dictate what the user can see and which actions they can perform.

Adding a new account

To create an account, open the Accounts page (in main navigation) and click the + button in the top-right hand corner of the page.


Next you must fill out the required fields:


Choose which team(s) the user should be assigned to


What is the user's name?

Email address

Used to identify the user. Must be unique for each user.

Some exports will also be emailed to this address.


Must be a minimum of 6 characters.

If the password is forgotten, the user should click the “Forgotten your password” link on the login page.


Select the roles that will be assigned to the user.

Once you have filled out these sections, click create. The account is now ready to use!

For more information on accounts, see: Accounts Overview and User Roles

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