If a carer cannot see a booking or a shift on their app, but it is showing in the roster and rota, there is a good chance that it has not been published. If you double click on the booking and click <View>, you will be able to see if it has not been published. This data is on the right hand side of the resulting screen.


The highlighted section shows that the booking has not been published and the


icon shows that the app has not received the latest updates. To resolve this, click on the


icon and the booking will publish.

The booking is published but still not on the carer's app?

If the


icon is showing, but the booking has been published, it may be because the data or Wi Fi has been turned off on the device, or because it has not got signal where the carer is. Once the data has been turned back on, or the phone gets signal, it will update the carer's app automatically.

Check the article Syncing issues? if internet and data are on but the device still isn't syncing properly.

Booking too far in advance?

Irrespective of any publishing settings, the furthest in advance a carer can see ahead is 28 days. If the booking is further away than 28 days, it will not show in the carer's apps.

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