Publishing a rota makes it available for the carers to view on their app. If publishing is not enabled - all bookings will automatically be published up to a maximum of 28 days, it is not possible to publish further ahead than this.

Enabling publishing

To be able to manually publish a rota, you need to enable publishing. To do this, head to Settings > Roster > Publishing. You will see this screen:

Note - Publishing is enabled per team, any alterations will only affect the selected team.


As the box next to "Enable Publishing" has not been ticked, all bookings will automatically publish at the time of creation.

To enable manual publishing, tick the box next to <Enable publishing>. This screen will appear:


When manual publishing is enabled, any bookings that had been synced with the carer's device will no longer be unpublished. This screen gives you the option to keep all the bookings currently published as they are or to unpublish them. Whichever option you choose, click <save> to proceed.

Now you can alter the settings of your automatic publishing, we recommend that it is set at 2-3 days as this means that any bookings that are missed when publishing will be published automatically when they reach that threshold. You cannot turn off automatic publishing entirely, you are able to set it to 0 days, this will mean that the bookings will only be published automatically on the day they are set to occur.

You can also use automatic publishing as your sole way of publishing, if your carers are given a scrolling rota for a set number of days in advance. For this, set the number of days that they need to see and the calls will publish automatically when they fall within the set range.


The highlighted sections show that these are:

  • The settings for the East team

  • That the bookings will still be published automatically 2 days ahead of when they are due to happen.


There are now two ways to publish bookings. The new method was designed at streamlining the process. To use this option, go to Rostering > Publishing. Select the team you want to publish for and the date you wish to publish up until and click publish.


Using the example above, we can see a few things:

  • At the top left, it shows that we are looking to publish up until the 8th of March. Just below that, it shows that bookings have been published up until the 1st of March.

  • On the right hand side, we can see that we are publishing for "Dave's Team" - If you are publishing for multiple teams, you will need to publish each team individually.

  • At the bottom left, we can see that we are set to publish 74 bookings.

Once you click <Publish> the bookings will be sent to the carers phones. This action cannot be reversed. Once a booking has been published, any changes made will generate a notification.

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