If your phone is having trouble syncing with the management portal, there are a few things to check:

  1. Check your phone has data turned on/connected to WiFi - Whilst you are able to check in and out of the visit with data turned off, it won't send that information to the web environment until there is some internet connection.

  2. Check your phone is not connected to an open network such as BT WiFi/FON - Open networks such as this one require logging in. This means that they will allow you to connect but will not grant access to the internet until you either pay or log in with your account. If your phone has been connected to one of these, they will usually connect as soon as the network is in range - effectively turning off your internet. Unfortunately, these networks, especially BT are available on most residential streets so they can cause a lot of issues!

  3. Sync the phone manually in the app - The rota should update and sync automatically but this will give it a push to make sure that it has received the latest changes. The sync button is located in the settings section. This will only work if steps 1 and 2 have been followed. You can also pull down the rota screen which will perform the same action.

  4. Check your phone and app are updated to the latest operating system and version - To ensure the smoothest running of the app it is good practice to make sure that it is updated to the latest version as all new updates and fixes will be in that version.

  5. Ensure that you are using the new sync method in the app settings

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