There are often times where a client needs a temporary pause in their service. By adding a suspension, you can prevent visits from being booked, cancel existing bookings, and make sure that any tasks are cancelled.

Adding a suspension

To add a suspension, head to the client's contracts tab. Click the :add: button to the top right of the suspensions section to begin.

You need to set the start date of the suspension and can set a time of day as well. This means that if the suspension is set to start later in the day, the client can still have any morning bookings set. You do not need to enter in a finish date/time at this stage as it is not always a known quantity.

You need to enter the reason for the suspension. There is a dropdown menu that appears, but if the reason you need is not listed, you can type in a new reason which will then be saved for later. Beneath that, you can also log any relevant comments.

If any bookings are set to occur during the suspension, you will have the option to cancel them or delete them. Cancelled bookings can still be charged if needed but please be aware that all cancelled bookings will be charged if selected.

Finishing a suspension

If a suspension has been added with a finish date/time, the suspension will automatically lift. If there is not an end date assigned, you will need to come back to the client's contracts tab when lifting the suspension. Click on the :edit: icon and enter the finish date, and time if necessary.

Restoring cancelled bookings

When bookings are cancelled due to a suspension, you will be given the option to restore them if the finish date applied is before the last cancelled booking. You have the option to either un-cancel them, or leave them cancelled. By default, they will be left cancelled.

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