If you are unable to check into a visit using the app, please check the following:

Phone Camera

Ensure the camera on the back of the phone is not dirty, and a clear image is visible when the camera app is open.

Error Messages

If the phone is unable to recognise the QR code, no message will be shown. This likely because the code isn't legible, see the QR Code section below for more information.

Each QR code is encoded with an identifier unique to the client. If it can be decoded, the app will attempt to find a visit in the rota for that client. If none can be found, an error message will be displayed. If this happens consistently for the same client, the wrong QR code may be in the property.

QR Code

When checking in using a QR code, please ensure it has been printed correctly and there is nothing interfering with the image when scanning.


When printing the marker it is important not to crop any of the detail from the image. The three squares in the top left, top right, and bottom left should give you an indication of how tightly you can crop it.

The printed size doesn't matter so much, as long as the details within the code are distinguishable. We recommend at least 3x3cm.

Laminated QR codes
The codes can be laminated, however be wary of reflections when scanning as these will prevent the app from recognising the code.

Inside a plastic wallet
If you are keeping the marker inside a plastic wallet, the image may be distorted unless the plastic is held flat against the marker. It may be easier to remove the marker from the wallet before scanning.

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